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Bullet Shell Jewelry - AR 223, gun jewelry, hunter jewelry, gun girls, gun guys, bullet shells

Bullet Shell Jewelry AR 223 gun jewelry hunter by Bodynovelties

5.11 RUSH MOAB 10 so after a bit of research this is what I ended up with as a EDC/get home bag (not a true bug out bag). It swallows my iPad small med kit, typical everyday stuff and has a fairly well hidden CCW pocket. I went with the sling style because it can be swung around and accessed while walking or at stop lights on the motorcycle or bike.

from Etsy

AR -15 223 brass Bullet boutonnière, grooms boutonnière', prom boutonnière's , outdoorsman boutonnière's , feather boutonnière's

AR 15 223 brass Bullet boutonnière grooms by AllSeasonDesigns