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Item #: CV-DE-40014 400 W 14000 K Description: Coralvue® metal halide bulbs feature the highest color quality for aquarium lighting. The Coralvue® bulbs have a great combination in color balance and color temperature. The appearance of sun light is replicated perfectly by the Coralvue® bulbs, which make for ideal lighting for your corals and fish. The Coralvue® bulbs are available in many sizes and color temperatures. The HQI bulbs are available in 150W, 250W, and 400W. We offer three…


Aquarium Light LED Refit

LED Conversion for Fluorescent Fixture استخدام العاكس لتوجيه الضوء باتجاه معين


Aqueon Fish Aquarium Lights T8 Lamp, Floramax Plant, 24-inch, 17 Watt -

T2,T5,CFL, Fluorescent, LED? Which type of light would match your tank the best? This article gives a rundown of what you need for your project!

Check out this product on App:40cm 60 w hydroponics aquarium led lighting coral grow dimmable diy led aquarium lighting planted tank with program system

Aquarium lighting can be a tricky business especially if you are creating a planted tank. So, here are 3 of the best aquarium light for beginners