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Apricot Kernels

Raw Apricot Kernel's contain vitamin B17 which kills Cancer cells leaving normal cells alone. 4 per day as a preventative 10-15 if you have a cancer diagnosis. #fight #cancer

from Dr. Axe

Vitamin B17 Controversy: Poison or Cancer Treatment

Vitamin B17 benefits #health #holistic #natural


MediMiss: Using Essential Oils to Prevent Wrinkles - If You Are Over 30 Skin Wrinkle Reducing Oil 5 drops Sandalwood 5 drops Helichrysum 5 drops Geranium 5 drops Lavender 5 drops Frankincense 1 Tbsp. Sweet Almond or Apricot Kernel carrier Apply 2-4 drops of the blend onto your fingertips, and apply to a moistened face and neck.


Recently my father was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and given 6 months to live without treatment. Being a big advocate of natural therapies, I immediately started to research alternative cancer treatments. In my research I found evidence of over 300 natural, known treatments out there for cancer, but for me, as soon as I was introduced to vitamin B17, I knew that was the one that I wanted my dad to try. By Guest Writer Niaby Codd


Apricot Kernel's are amazing for health. They have had such a job done of them in the media- but come and see how delicious and nutritious they can be in this Apricot Kernal Chocolate Butter #nutfree #glutenfree #realfood #snack #breakfast #sandwich #kids #chocolate #fats


Raw Apricot Kernel's contain vitamin B17 which kills cancer cells leaving normal cells alone.


Foods Rich in Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is a cure for cancer! Also called Laetrile, it is found in apricot seeds, grape seeds, raspberry seeds, strawberry seeds, flax seeds and other grains sprouts and legumes.