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"The only problem with being genuinely nice to everyone is that you end up feeling consantly disappointed that people don't treat you like you treat them."

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Just bumped into mannequin & said "Sorry". Then said "Oh I thought you were a person". Then realized I was still speaking to a mannequin

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We need thousands of stories like this to happen. Millions. Until this becomes the norm and teenagers are not afraid to simply go out to diner with a friend.

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Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them an extra bullet because they missed you the first time.

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I have consumer science at school we sewed, cooked, baked and talked about money and chevks

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"I use "the other day" a lot and that can mean anything from yesterday to the day of my birth "

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"I could write a book full of my insecurities but couldn't even fill a page with things I like about myself. "

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"People act like you're a failure if you're not a doctor, engineer, or a lawyer. But someone has to be a garbage man. Someone has to be a school teacher. Someone has to be a cashier."

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"You know a writer is good when they can build a villain's back story sad enough that you feel bad for them now matter how horrible they are "

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