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Applebee's To Go Menu

from BuzzFeed

23 Photos That Are Way, Way Too Real For Vegetarians

Pro vegan: funny. Correction: I try to not look like this, but sometimes it is irritating. Especially when going anywhere else wasn't an option. Don't be a dick, and I won't have to act like a bitch.

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Cosmopolitan Recipe Chalkboard Art Print

Cosmopolitan Recipe Chalkboard Art Print | This chalkboard art print isn’t just adorable—it’s instruction... | Posters

from Good Dinner Mom

Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger

Recipe For Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger - The juicy burger, caramelized pineapple and perfect sauce is also fabulous just over a bed of lettuce.

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MOM’S FAMOUS MEATLOAF!!!!! I used 1.5 Tbsp ground mustard and 2/3 c oats. Wonderful!

from HealthGrove

Ranking Applebee's Fattiest Menu Items

Applebee's sells a lot of unhealthy food, but which item on the menu has the most fat? The experts at HealthGrove crunched the numbers.