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Applebee's To Go Menu

from Fine Dining Lovers

The Ultimate Steak Doneness Chart

steakguide. how to cook a steak feel and internal temp


Applebee's Is Now Serving Tablets

Most of Applebee’s restaurants now have tablets that allow customers to view the menu and place their orders without needing to wait for the waiter to get their table. However, Applebee's stated that their staff level remained the same. Applebee's aimed to increase efficiency and reduce wait times with the incorporation of mobile ordering. Along with Applebee's, many other food restaurants are incorporating the use of mobile ordering.


Applebee's Chimicheesecake

Applebee's chimi cheesecake recipe. This was the best thing on their menu! I was bummed when they took it off!


Before I met my husband, Applebee's was my favorite place to eat and Boneless Honey BBQ wings were my favorite menu item. In spite of their high calorie status, I…