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Apple, Inc. Stock: A Buy Ahead of Sustained Dividend Growth?

This analyst believes Apple will provide income investors with a reliable stream of continually growing dividend payments.

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What is's Mission Statement?

apple store - For more about Apple Stores and Apple News, click here… #apple #retail #stores #architecture #display #design

from Money

What is's Mission Statement?

Apple Store - For more about Apple Stores and Apple News, click here… #apple #retail #stores #architecture #display #design

AAPL Stock: Is Trump Presidency Bad News for Apple Inc.? BUz Investors Bad News for Apple what a Trump Administration would mean for their investments. One company that should worry is Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), especially since Apple stock (AAPL) came under fire during the campaign. Time and time again, President-elect Donald Trump would cite Apple as a symbol of corporate abuse in America. He would point out its scuffles with tax authorities in Europe or it outsourcing to China as examples…

AAPL Stock 1 Number Shows How Well Apple Inc. Is Doing buz Investors How Well Apple Inc. Is Doing (NASDAQ:AAPL) recorded over 100% of the smartphone market’s operating profits in the the third quarter, dominating its competitors, according to BMO Capital Markets. BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long estimates that AAPL stock accounted for more than 100% of the smartphone market because other vendors lost money in the sector. As a result, Apple has more smartphone profit than the industry…

Apple Inc.: This Could Be a Game Changer for AAPL Stock Buz Investors Game Changer for AAPL (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock declined by about three percent in the last trading session, and it has been under pressure due to concerns about President-elect Donald Trump’s policies. Trump has been quite vocal about his criticism of Apple Inc on the topics of outsourcing production to China and the company’s stand on data protection. But there is a piece of news that probably got less attention, and which…