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Doughnut bobbing is a good alternative to apple bobbing to entertain the kids at your PTA/ PTO Bonfire Night / Firework display.

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Fabulous Features by Anders Ruff Custom Designs: {Featured Parties} A Western Cowboy Party from Sydney Australia! (A Little Polkadot)

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Another fun old game from Halloweens past... we used to hang a marshmallow from the door frame on a cotton thread - I think we might have been blindfolded too

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Bobbing for Apples

The classic game of bobbing for apples in a tub of water began as a way to predict a player's fortune. In one version of the game, anyone who got an apple would marry. In another, a dime was put in one apple, a ring in a second, and a button in a third, predicting fortune, marriage, and "single blessedness," respectively. Today's kids may balk at such a quaint ambition, but even without mention of marriage, the game's bobbing, splashing, and general hilarity provide plenty of entertainment…

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