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Apollo is the god of music, poetry, among others. Apollo is another way my character was portrayed in Greek mythology. My character can be designed in a form that is inspired by Apollo's traits.

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Which Greek God Is Your Father?

Zeus- The thing i like most about this piece is the leg armour. even though the character doesn't have a full set of armour i really like the intricacy of the leg pieces and think this would be a cool design on my own boss' armour.

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#TomHiddleston as #Apollo | via dragonfiretwistedwire: Greek Mythology Dreamcast | Very intruiging idea!

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Artemis (or Diana in Roman mythology) is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, childbirth, virginity, and the moon. She is also the protector of young girls. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto,and her brother, Apollo, is the god of the

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