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Diana was the goddess of the hunt and moon and birthing, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She was one of the three maiden goddesses, Diana, Minerva and Vesta, who swore never to marry. Oak groves were especially sacred to her. According to mythology, Diana was born with her twin brother Apollo on the island of Delos, daughter of Jupiter and Latona.


Mythology selfie by Slenderfur - Carter Kane, Magnus Chase, Percy Jackson, Sadie Kane and Lester Papadopoulos << THIS!!


An ivory and bone ancient Roman plaque depicting Artemis and Apollo with symbolic attributes, a quiver and torch (Artemis) and a kithera and plectrum (Apollo). (Walters Art Museum)


Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado GR4 ZA600-EB-G 'APOLLO1' & ZA607-EB-X 41(R)TES 'APOLLO2' - RAF Coningsby Pairs departure | by Jamie Ewan - Flyingmonster