Laptop get stolen at a coffee shop? Renters insurance will cover it. Camera stolen on vacation? Renters insurance again.

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For most Americans, car and health insurance policies are no-brainers. Renters insurance should be too, but according to a survey of 1,000 US renters, a whopping 60 percent do not have a renters insurance policy. Think it costs too much? Think again. #Rent #Renting #Apartment #Insurance #Info #ApartmentSafety

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7 reasons New Yorkers need apartment insurance more than anyone else | #apartment #renter #insurance

7 easy ways to secure your apartment Renters insurance is great for recovering your stuff after a break-in, but it’s far better to not have your stuff stolen in the first place. You can always replace belongings, but burglary steals your peace of mind along with your valuables, and that’s much harder to recover. Fortunately there are some simple steps you can take to prevent unwelcome intruders from making an appearance.

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heart 2 tells you about 5 things you should do before signing a lease. Check out the infographic now on the blog!

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