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Apartheid South Africa

The era of apartheid in South Africa is infamous for its utter genocidal dehumanization, deportation, impoverishment and all-around discrimination against a native population by Afrikaners. Apartheid lasted for over 40 years with the support of the United States and other world powers


Black Positive Image

soulfulremixed: Steve Biko was the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa. In 1968 he cofounded the all-black South African Students’ Organisation. The organisation’s message spread from campuses to the general community, and in 1972 Biko helped found the Black People’s Convention. He was arrested many times for his anti-apartheid work and in 1977, died from injuries while in police custody. Joan Baez ~ Biko

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The 10 best protests

Soweto school strike and uprising 1976. The walkout by pupils at Orlando West Junior School in Soweto on 30 April 1976 in protest at being taught in Afrikaans was the fuse of the movement that came to be led by Nelson Mandela and which overthrew apartheid in South Africa. By June, Soweto was in revolt and some 600 people had been killed by the police and army. But the uprising established the jailed Mandela’s ANC as a guiding force for liberation and was immediately heeded in Britain.


Africa - Ethnolinguistic Map of the Peoples (1972) Published in December 1971 with the article “The Zulus: Black Nation in a Land of Apart...

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Forward to Freedom: South Africa's Anti-Apartheid Movement historical archive – in pictures

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A country divided: Stunning photographs capture the lives of ordinary Americans during segregation in the Jim Crow south

Separated: This image shows a neon sign, also in Mobile, Alabama, marking a separate entrance for African Americans encouraged by the Jim Crow laws