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Looking to liven up your book club? These book club discussion questions work for any book and come with a free printable guide! Everything you need to prepare for and lead your next book club discussion.

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Do not touch his toothbrush. Strictly prohibited objects: dirty clothes, empty chocolate wrappers and half empty bottles, anything he consider “dangerous stuff on Sirius’ hands”, any thousand-page book and if it’s possible: Sirius Black’s wand (he’s a pain in the ass when he wants, believe me). But the most important advertence is: Take care of him because he truly believe he can do it by himself - but can’t. Also, don’t love him, that's my job -- a guide to Remus lupin by Sirius black

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Bingo Reading Activity at Children's books and Reading. This is SUCH a fun and engaging way to encourage kids to read. Whether you've got an avid or reluctant reader, this is sure to generate excitement!

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Harder to read than the film is to watch, messed up to the extreme, swear words loose all meaning and any bad thing you'v ever done doesnt seem so bad any more.

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