The Creative, Artistic, Free-Spirit. The butterfly, moving swiftly and quickly from flower to flower, Vata’s are energetic, enthusiastic, bubbly and friendly. Always dreaming, creating and exploring, it can be difficult if not impossible to pin-down these etheric creatures. When the elements of air and ether build to excess, however, they can also experience anxiety, overwhelm and can be forgetful or spacey.

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The FOUR Truths about anxiety and panic attacks recovery that medicine and psychology choose not to tell you.

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Want to learn more powerful tips on how to cure depression? Check out the following site:

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Rewire Your Anxious Brain - Beat anxiety for good with these brain training techniques.

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My Year in Review: 50 Questions to Reflect, Appreciate and Get Excited for 2015

Mindfulness. I do wish it were different right now - I wouldn't wish this place on anyone. How do you live with feeling unpleasant for a while? It won't always be this way yes, but it has for quite some time now.

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Nutmeg has been known for its role as a sedative, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic substance. A great source of Manganese which helps with regulating the blood sugar & absorbing calcium while helping form tissues, bones, & sex hormones. A good source of copper & magnesium, both containing an antioxidant enzyme that repairs cells & reduces oxidative stress. The oil stimulates the brain, enhances concentration, helps with anxiety & depression & dissolve kidney stones & relieve…

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And no one ever seems to understand. I wish I could just 'stop' 'be more social' 'oh come on everyone else can so can you' I have to live with it every day...I wish it was that easy..I really, really do. But I don't think being medicated is a better choice either. All I can do is cope, try to explain it to people I'm close to, and hope on some level there's understanding.

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Don't take it out on your body. Love this. Reminder. When days are tough, the last thing I should be doing is harming myself by eating crap a la crap.

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