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Made to Order: Egyptian Jackal Anubis Leather Mask - Underworld Masquerade Costume

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Steampunk Anubis Egyptian mask This would look so pretty on the wall of my dream blue room

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USA Industrial Anubis Leather Mask ... handmade steampunk egyptian jackal masquerade mask Halloween Mardi Gras Burning Man

Anubis was one of the Gods of the dead. His main roles were in the cemeteries and mummification processes. It was Anubis's job to open, and escort the recently deceased to the TUAT, also known as the underworld.

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Anubis - Greek name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion. Not sure if there were a character from a franchise for this, though.

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Metropolitan Opera Anubis mask

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DIY Anubis Mask...made from a plastic mask, cardboard ears and a plastic cup. Paper mâché and paint with gold & black paint and done!

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Constructing Anubis

Sakura Con Project! Irimi Kaya, Tokyo Ghoul. Self Reminder: Skip the kakugan for now, given how little time is remaining before the convention. Add black mesh behind the eyes.

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