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Black LIBTARD morons....the democrats still have you enslaved...lmao at your ignorance to that!!

Call- Congressional Switchboard @ (202) 224-3121 for your Representative & contact congress online Fill out surveys- source=fbpconflict Support civilians & victims-


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from Mail Online

Malia Obama wears 'Smoking kills' tee-shirt at Philadelphia festival

Malia (pictured on Sunday in Philadelphia) was spotted earlier this year in August smoking at Chicago's Lollapalooza festival

from Mad World News

Obama Sneers After He Successfully Erases Another Part of Our American History

Barack Obama successfully erased another part of our nation's history, and you can be sure that he and his fellow Democrats are toasting the success of their latest anti-American feat. Although the ban he just imposed on one of our nation's symbols was rejected by Congress, the president is flat out ignoring their objections and moving forward to act on his own in a manner all too familiar for the wanna-be-tyrant.


'New York Post' Runs Boldest Anti-Obama Ad Yet

'New York Post' Runs Boldest Anti-Obama Ad Yet - Bloomberg