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Mobius (Antimatter Universe)

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The Anti-Monitor is The Monitor's counterpart from The Anti-matter Universe. He is responsible for the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, was the sole Guardian of The Sinestro Corps and once, against his will, was the source of The Black Lantern Corps Central Power Battery.

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Anti-Monitor Claims Another Victory in Justice League In today's Justice League #48 by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok the all-new all-different Anti-Monitor has toppled yet another powerful threat in The Darkseid War. Warning: this article contains spoilers for Justice League #48! Having killed Darkseid in Act I the Anti-Monitor is laying siege to the Earth. The Justice League has banded together with the remnants of the Crime Syndicate in order to stop the Anti-Monitor going so far as to…

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Original appearance of the Anti Monitor is revealed in The Darkseid War

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