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Gay employees accepted, but not protected, at work

Will a revival of anti-discrimination legislation and shifting corporate policies help the US catch up to the world?

BSL: I hate that when I went to adopt my Border Collie they took one look at my other dog which is an American Bulldog and told me to make sure he always has his collar on because if he get out we would kill him. I asked why because he looked too much like a Pitbull.


Gay and lesbian activism following law reform is also examined, including the AIDS epidemic, anti-discrimination legislation and more recent contest around equal rights. Forty-three years after Dr Duncan's death, the case is still open. The case for law reform in South Australia is also still very much open. And it now impacts a much wider community - lesbian, gay transgender, intersex and queer people.

Wilkes-Barre city council to vote on anti-discrimination ordinance | #tlnews | #discrimination #ordinances #laws #humanrights #localgov #wilkesbarre #pennsylvania


ACLU Sues Over North Carolina's Law Blocking Anti-Discrimination Legislation

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory just issued an executive order that probably won't alleviate any political pressure on him from signing the law in the first place.

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The white man who wants to make racial discrimination legal

"Nigel Farage sparks race row by insisting discrimination in the workplace should be legalised. Sunder Katwala, director of the British Future think-tank, described Mr Farage’s comments as 'quite a throwback'. He said: 'We can debate the content of anti-discrimination legislation, but there is a strong consensus that if you believe in equal opportunities then that means anti-discrimination legislation.'"

from the Guardian

Nigel Farage: British Muslim ‘fifth column’ fuels fear of immigration

Ukip leader also says he would get rid of ‘irrelevant’ anti-discrimination laws in interview with former equality commissioner Trevor Phillips


Compliance Patterns With EU Anti-Discrimination Legislation (Hardcover)

Compliance Patterns With EU Anti-Discrimination Legislation

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This Lesbian Couple Thought They'd Found The Perfect Engagement Ring. Then, This Happened.

Canadian Jewelry Store Displays Anti-Gay Marriage Sign After Selling Lesbian Brides-To-Be An Engagement Ring