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Adam Ant: Dandy in the Underworld Adam Ant, Set of ‘Solid Gold’, 1982 © Robert Matheu –

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Confessions of a Teacher: I Sing Cheesy Songs- Part 1

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Adam Ant Songs | ... Ant Lib Ønline | Adam the Ants Cømmunity Øutpost | Adam Ant News

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Made me smile :o) This morning in the queue at the bank my daughter was marching on the spot shouting 'Im marching, I'm an ant' bemused does not even cover the look on peoples faces!

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We're desperate to be Dads: Coming across like a pair of naughty schoolboys hasn't done Ant & Dec any harm. Now, they're ready to have little Ant & Decs themselves

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Ant and Dec: Naughty secrets of the golden boys

Ant and Dec Saturday Night Take Away 2014 | Ant and Dec got messy with gold paint for the cover of The Daily Mail ...

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