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24 Awe-Inspiring Photos Of Earth And Space

Les 4: 24 prachtige foto's! Perseid meteor shower seen from Snowy Range in Wyoming.

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explorenasa In this 30 second exposure taken with a circular fish-eye lens, a meteor streaks across the sky during the annual Perseid meteor shower as a photographer wipes moisture from the camera lenses Friday, August 12, 2016 in Spruce Knob, West Virginia. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls #NASA #Perseid #meteorshower #fisheye #space #starstuff 2017/01/05 10:12:48

#WatchFor The annual Ursid meteor shower always peaks near the time of the December solstice, so, in 2016, look for some possible activity over the next several nights. The forecast calls for December 21-22 to be the peak night.

Meteor Shower anyone? Perseid Meteor Shower visits us every year during the summertime season. Perfect timing.

#WatchFor The annual Quadrantid shower comes every year at this time. It’s nominally active during the first week of January and best seen from Earth’s northerly latitudes. However, peak activity lasts less than a day, and you need to be on Earth’s night side during the Quadrantids’ short peak.

The annual Geminid meteor shower came on the same night as a Supermoon, somewhat obscuring the impressive celestial display.

"Perseids Above Canada (photo composite)" by Yuichi Takasaka (TWAN)

"Yosemite Perseids (photo composite)" by Wally Pacholka (TWAN)

"Perseids Above Canada (photo composite)" by Yuichi Takasaka (TWAN)