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Anna Friel Husband

Anna Friel strips off for thrilling new crime drama Marcella

Investigating: After her husband Jason (Pinnock) leaves her after confessing he no longer loves her, Marcella returns to the Met's Murder Squad ten years after giving up her career to look after her family


Anna Friel feels the cut of ITV's stab in the Nordic dark

Marcella - Anna Friel stars as a police detective who suffers a mental trauma when her husband leaves her. #Marcella

Marcella (2016) / Mini-Series / Ep.8 / Drama [UK] / TV noir thriller centers around Marcella (Anna Friel), who finds herself heartbroken when her husband leaves her unexpectedly and isolated from her children. After deciding to return to the Metropolitan Police following a 10 year break, she instantly becomes involved with a serial killer case she worked on in 2005. Marcella finds herself looking for answers to both her work and personal life, but will she find what she is seeking?


We actually bump into each other all the time — all the time! Anna will kind of run up and give me a big hug — earlier this week, she did it, and I kind of flinched a little bit, and she kind of jumped back and was like, “Did you just flinch when I gave you a hug?” I was like, “I’m sorry, I don’t know where that came from!” It’s just playing Ned. I shouldn’t be flinching when a beautiful girl like Anna Friel gives me a hug, but I flinched! That’s weird, that’s odd, that’s not normal."


Anna Friel ditches her elegant 1890s stage costume for show stopping blue trousers

From old world glamour to modern chic: Anna Friel ditches her elegant 1890s…