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Ann Coulter Age

This woman is the most heinous, offensive, bigoted piece of shit in America. Well, her and Rush Limbaugh.


Propagandist Ann Coulter boasted, “Look at what [Trump] has accomplished so far with every powerful entity against him, including Fox News.” Yes, she claims Fox News is anti-Trump! Ann, Fox News has been zealously pro-Trump for ages! See “Ann, Fox News is Pro-Trump” at

Never Trust Ann Coulter - at ANY Age, located at

Hate this Bitch who uses lies to sell her books.


Book: Never Trust Ann Coulter - at ANY Age, located at

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Fordham head blasts Ann Coulter

Fordham head blasts Ann Coulter...event is cancelled by college republicans.


Ann Coulter is the “conservative” propagandist of our day, the Leni Riefenstahl of the Conservative Movement. See “Ann Coulter = Leni Riefenstahl” at See “Propaganda: George Orwell in the Age of Ann Coulter” at

Ann Coulter “loves” the Tea Party so much that she attacks it at every turn, always siding with establishment RINOs. See Vanity: Ann Coulter's Quest for Glory, at, for a case study in Coulter’s infatuation with RINOs. See also Never Trust Ann Coulter - at ANY Age, at