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Animal Testing Statistics

It's Tax Season: Learn How More Than $12 Billion in Taxpayer Money Is Wasted Annually

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no, we don't need to eat meat, no we don't need to experiment on animals, no we don't need their fur or skin, no, the world will not become over run by "critters." Adopt a pet! Support an animal rescue farm! stop eating animal foods, and eat more veggies!GO VEGAN

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These Bone-chilling Animal Cruelty Facts Will Move You to Tears

Animal cruelty facts. We are a flourishing and dominant race but yet, some cater to their cheap thrills through thoughtless cruel acts against animals. There prevails a perennial disregard for animals today and they are being poached and slaughtered relentlessly. Fur clothing immensely delights certain....

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17 Harry Potter Memes to Nerd Out On

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medical testing on animals | Animal Testing Statistics and Perspectives – The Primate Diaries

95% of drugs fail in human trials despite promising results in animal tests – whether on safety grounds or because they do not work Using dogs, rats, mice and rabbits to test whether or not a drug will be safe for humans provides little statistically useful insight, our recent analysis found

Purpose of experiments on animals in 2013. Link to facts and figures on animal testing from Cruelty Free International.