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Animal Testing Statistics

no, we don't need to eat meat, no we don't need to experiment on animals, no we don't need their fur or skin, no, the world will not become over run by "critters." Adopt a pet! Support an animal rescue farm! stop eating animal foods, and eat more veggies!GO VEGAN

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It's Tax Season: Learn How More Than $12 Billion in Taxpayer Money Is Wasted Annually

More Than $12 Billion in Taxpayer Money Wasted Annually on Animal Testing


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These Bone-chilling Animal Cruelty Facts Will Move You to Tears

Animal cruelty facts. We are a flourishing and dominant race but yet, some cater to their cheap thrills through thoughtless cruel acts against animals. There prevails a perennial disregard for animals today and they are being poached and slaughtered relentlessly. Fur clothing immensely delights certain....


In this animal testing picture this dog’s leg has been shattered by repeated blows from a hammer. This experiment was performed in order to induce a state of psychological stress. The wound was left undressed. No anaesthetic was given during the course of this cruel barbaric experiment. For information on research animal testing facts, statistics and animal experimentation laws please visit © Brian Gunn /IAAPEA Makes me sick! If there is a revolt these aholes are goin…

Thats mathologicly incorrect but hey, who will know?

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humans have no need for animal products ... #vegan


What makes a dog dangerous...? Any dangerous dog is the product of a very ignorant, irresponsible human!


Caged Primates In Animal Experimentation Research Centre Laboratory With Vivisector Image Animal testing statistics indicate that over 209,450 monkeys were experimented on in cruel, misleading animal research during 2010. Help stop experiments on monkeys. © Brian Gunn /IAAPEA


medical testing on animals | Animal Testing Statistics and Perspectives – The Primate Diaries