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Over the years, I have encountered several different variations of this activities.  I think they all have merits, so look for me to share a...


A good way to compare and contrast animals and plants is to use a hula hoop venn diagram. This can be put on the bulletin board and can be hung up for an extended period of time and is easy to see.

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Create Your Own Animal

Create your own animal. Fun website for the kids. After they create their animal, they could write about it. Another idea, they could do descriptive writing and then have a partner try to figure out which animal is there prior to seeing the pic of the animal.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Behavioral and Structural (Physical) Adaptations Cut and Paste examples

Behavioral and Structural (Physical) Adaptations Cut and Paste examples and definitions: Students sort examples (and definitions) with pictures of Structural and Behavioral Adaptations and create a notes sheet for reference. THIS PRODUCT IS PART OF THE FOLLOWING BUNDLE-CHECK IT OUT FOR A DEAL!