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Angular Frequency


Top 10 Most Expensive Military Planes - Photo Essays

B-2 Spirit stealth bomber of the USAF. Stealth aircraft are designed to avoid detection using a variety of advanced technologies that reduce reflection/emission of radar, infrared,[1] visible light, radio-frequency (RF) spectrum, and audio, collectively known as stealth technology. Development of stealth technology likely began in Germany during World War II. Well-known modern examples of stealth aircraft include the F-117 Nighthawk, the B-2 Spirit, the F-22 Raptor,and the F-35 Lightning II.

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Beautiful photography to get inspired by

Facade of "The Eye museum" (film museum), Amsterdam. By Delugan Meissl Architects, Vienna. #greetingsfromnl


Angular velocity: the velocity with which an object is moving around a fixed axis of rotation (this is different from ordinary velocity!); different points on a rotating rigid body move different distances in a given time interval, depending on how far the point lies from the axis; but, because the body is rigid, all points rotate through the same angle in the same time; at any instant, every part of a rotating body has the same angular velocity (rad/s); linear velocity = r x alpha

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'Vidal freed us as much as the Pill and mini-skirts': Mary Quant pays tribute to Vidal Sassoon, the man whose scissors made the 60s swing

Vidal Sasson cuts Nancy Kwan's hair for Vogue