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US Ship Hobbymate HB730 Headlock Gyro for 450 500 Electric Rc Helicopters by HOBBYMATE. $19.90. Hobbymate HeadLock Gyro for 450, 500 Rc Helicopter. Angular acceleration commands used Sensor vibration proofing. Work with both analog and digital servo. Great Performance on Electric 450, 500 Helicopters. Dual Rate, AVCS Tail Lock Gyro. Dimension(mm):25x25x15 ** Weight: 20g ** Digital proportional R/C system ** Operating voltage:4.8V-6V (common for receiver) ** ...

Crista Ampullaris (start of semicircular canals) detect angular acceleration. At each ampullae there is hair cells with cilium and stereocilim, sticking up in the cupula (round circle filled with fluid). Each semicircle canal resides in frontal, horizontal, and saggital plane to detect all direction of rotations. As head turns, endolymph (fluid) lags behind, pushes capula, and stimulate the hair cells.

Angular Acceleration and Kinematical Equation in uniform circular motion)

Angular Acceleration and Centripetal Force | S-cool, the revision website

A gyroscope, used by seafarers as a keeper of direction when compasses were inaccurate or unavailable. They measure both balance and angular acceleration and help keep track of an object’s orientation, independent of any other landmarks or determinants of direction.