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Activity Cupboard - Easy Things to do with Toddlers

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Sound Scout: Meet Halsey, Songstress Who's Making Waves With Her Feminist Pop Mystique

aight so let me tell you a story, i met one of my best friends @iamhalseyy 8 months ago and the first thing we bonded over was actually halsey, she is the number one halsey fan ever *sits with a little number 2 sign in the back row* and she has introduced


Angry Birds cupcakes by Verusca Walker. I know one little girl who would love these and would be able to make them look just like this.


After a closer look…

I couldn't help it... I giggled at this. Like a little school girl giggle

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Child Photography : Techniques and Equipments

The power of positive - One of the things I learned in college as a teacher was that you should always tell your kids/students what you want and not what you don't want. This is because they hear what you tell them - imagine that?!


Just in case any of you beautiful peeps are feeling a little down, here's something to make you feel a little better! <3


baconisbetterthanbacon: dumbthingswhitepplsay: halfemptymouse: Here is something that annoys me about animation and especially video game...

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ThreadSence Fall Lookbook: Meet Me Where the Sidewalk Ends #ClippedOnIssuu

Hello. My name is Anna-Marie. I am the seven of clubs. I live in my own loft above a little boutique i own. I mostly keep to myself but i warn you not to make me angry.