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Angle pair terms worksheet... "for each diagram of the marked angles, circle ALL the names or properties that this pair is guaranteed to have."


Angles - Measuring Angles Practice with 11 Exit Tickets

This file includes 28 practice problems classifying angles, naming angles, the angle addition postulate, congruent angles. Also it includes a set ...

Students will investigate the angles formed when parallel lines are cut by a transversal. Using a protractor, they will measure a series of angles. After highlighting common measures and answering leading questions, students will discover congruent and supplemental angle pairs within parallel lines. *NOTE - this activity is a great investigation to do before learning angle pair names (alternate interior, alternate exterior, etc.).On the second sheet, they will use their new found…


Polygons graphic organizer and practice

Two pages of introduction to polygon vocabulary, interior angle sum, exterior angles, naming, and parts of the polygon. Twelve practice problems involve solving from variables, determining the number of sides of a polygon, and finding interior and exterior angles. Answer key included. The one-page reference sheet is a great way for SPED and ESL/ESOL students to have a quick way to access the information they need for polynomials. Happy Solving! from the miss jude math! shop


FREE {for a short time} a poster showing the angle pairs formed when a transversal cuts through 2 parallel lines


Name Geometry (E is for Explore!)

This lesson comes from Teacher Created Materials! Students look for geometry in their name. Also, check out Polygon Alphabet!


Intro To Triangles

This Triangle unit is a catch all! You can fulfill many goals with this lesson unit. Here's what your get:***Review of Triangles from previous grades, ***Triangle Sum Proof which is a Common Core and TEK objective ***Constructions and explorations with patty paper***hands-on activity***stations for collaboration and differentiation***lesson plan***assignments for practice***assessmentWhat geometry is covered you ask? ***Names of triangles***Triangle Sum Theorem***Exterior Angle…