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Magnificent Sculpture: Kiss of Death

Located at Barcelona's Poblenou Cemetery, this magnificent sculpture, titled Kiss of Death (El Petó de la Mort in Catalan and El Beso de la Muerte in Spanish), depicts death (in the form of a winged skeleton) planting a kiss on a young man's forehead. The epitaph bears famous verses by one of Catalan's greatest poets, Jacint Verdaguer: “And his young heart can not help; in his veins the blood stops and freezes, And encouragement lost faith embraces, Fall feeling the kiss of death.”


Silently on crepefeet I rushed to do their bidding and never cracked a smile or if so a sick one, a superior one, all having to do with that loneliness angel riding on my shoulder. ~ Jack Kerouac, Subterraneans


Berserker. It used to be a human, but after years of unspeakable torture they turned mad. A spell was then placed on them - the Spell of the Berserker - that turned them into vicious monsters. They are tragic creatures.


Persephone Persephone is the Goddess of the underworld. She was married to the God of the underworld, Hades.