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The 10 most subversive women artists in history

The 10 most subversive women artists in history | Art and design ...


-Andy Warhol -1968 -Pop Art -Screen Print -Commodity icon -Sells warmth, cozy, family values - All of American social values are being communicated through these commodity icons like campbells tomato soup. Campbells soup can sell the warmth, cozy, lifestyle associated with food.


Andy Warhol photographed by Peter Beard, at Montauck, c1972. (All digital images of Warhol are exclusively managed by Corbis, while all transparency images of Warhol are managed by Art Resource.)


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Edie Sedgwick. (distant cousin to Kyra Sedgwick) Had a relationship with Bob Dylan at one time. Said to have inspired the song "Just Like a Woman" and more. Raised in a very prominent family that had more than it's share of problems. Interesting story if you look her up on Wiki. She died of an overdose at 28 years old in 1971.


Jean-Michel Basquiat. "I am not a black artist, I am an artist." . . . "I don't think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life."


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Sixteen Jackies, Andy Warhol. " The more you look at the same exact thing, the more the meaning goes away and the better and emptier you feel. ” —Andy Warhol, 1975


Andy Warhol @ Christie's: Fashion

Au Naturel- skin should look natural. Freckles can appear in spring along with the first rays of sunshine. Sometimes your cheekbones blush when you lie, and your whole face flushes when you are intimidated. You must not stifle the stories behind the natural coloring of your skin. For this reason, it must be shown, revealed, exposed. #howtobeparisian Lee Radziwill by Andy Warhol, March 1975 #leeradziwill #andywarhol