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Andrew Christian

Heath Ledger as the Joker and Christain Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight (2008) #photography

from The New Yorker

Slide Show: Legendary Jewels

Duchess Of Windsor Wallis Simpson.....Uploaded By

Incredibly inspiring and intriguing: "The bestseller tells of the young Dutch factory worker's incredible efforts to transport Bibles across closed borders--and the miraculous ways in which God provided for him every step of the way."

MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Christian Vieane by Andrew Gleason


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Horned Kichka Headdress, scarves, belts and sacred embroidery, a complete traditional Russian folk dress, these headdresses are very ancient from woman's shamanic leadership, when an actual stag or elk horns were attached to the headdress denoting the elder (bigger horns) feminine authority over clan and tribe (until christian men came), after which is was turned into the reduction of loss of freedom (wedding and marriage religion rites)

MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Christian Vieane by Andrew Gleason


Andrew Christian Sleeveless Summer Hoodie