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Why Anderson Cooper Won’t Inherit Any of the Vanderbilt Fortune

Why Anderson Cooper Won’t Inherit Any of the Vanderbilt Fortune.“I was always very appreciative of that because I never – I always looked at people who inherited money and they never seemed to really accomplish much on their own and it seemed to sort of change the person they were.

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Gloria Vanderbilt with her son, Anderson Cooper He doesn't have to work he chooses to and does an amazing job. He is a Vanderbilt Heir.

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Anderson Cooper cries over the grave of his brother Carter

A new documentary about Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt reveals previously unknown details about the famous pair and their relationship over the years.

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Excerpt: "The Rainbow Comes and Goes"

Read the introduction from Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper's touching mother-and-son memoir

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Hash Out the Mother-Son Dynamic

Before watching HBO's new documentary, Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper, see the mother-son duo's best moments throughout the years.