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Celtic musicians. Music is thought to have played a powerful role in early Scotland. This 10th century carving from Lethendy Tower in Perthshire shows Pictish harp, Irish pipes and drum.


Harps, developed from the hunting bow and used since the Old Kingdom, were triangle or arc shaped. They usually had eight to twelve strings and both men and women played them sitting, standing or kneeling. They were generally made of wood and probably did not project very far. Harps were often decorated and could be expensive works of art


London Hippodrome, 1930 The Hippodrome, on the corner of Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road, is one of London's most famous landmarks. This picture, part of the Museum of London's collection, was taken in 1930 when "Sons O'Guns" opened. The musical ran for 211 performances.

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Gorillaz - Demon Days. Damon Albarn's finest hour. I never really liked Blur that much back in the 90s, but they have grown on me a bit too.