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BBC - Primary History - Ancient Greeks - The Olympic Games. Shown: "An athlete prepares to throw a discus. You can also see the oil and strigil (body scraper) he'd use to clean off sweat and dust."

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The BBC offers a great interactive website on The Olympic Games and Ancient Greeks for primary grades.

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Achilles & Ajax playing draughts - Greek vase ( ca 530 BC Vatican) by Ark in Time, via Flickr

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Teacher's Pet - Ancient Greek scrolls - FREE Classroom Display Resource - EYFS, KS1, KS2, ancient, Greece, greeks, Zeus, scroll

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A strophium was usually used to cover a chest, by women and men, a single piece of fabric wrapped and tied

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columns & types: classical greek orders (from Meyers Kleines Konversationslexikon. Fünfte, umgearbeitete und vermehrte Auflage. Bd. 1. Bibliographisches Institut, Leipzig und Wien: Säulenordnungen der Antike, 1892 engravings)

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Google Image Result for

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The ancient origins of the Olympics | TED-Ed | Thousands of years in the making, the Olympics began as part of a religious festival honoring the Greek god Zeus in the rural Greek town of Olympia. But how did it become the greatest show of sporting excellence on earth? Armand D’Angour explains the evolution of the Olympics.

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