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Ancient Greek Art

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A Visual Glossary of Greek Pottery

greek pottery patterns - referencing for pysanky ideas - we can see the color palet that they used black with an orange and orange with black.

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Ancient Greek Pottery Designs

Art History: Greek Pottery and Ancient Greek Styles of Ceramic Art


Defining beauty the body in ancient Greek art .Major exhibition focusing on the human body.The remarkable works of art in the exhibition range from abstract simplicity of prehistoric figurines to breathtaking realism in the age of Alexander the Great. These works continued to inspire artists for hundreds of years, giving form to thought and shaping our own perceptions of ourselves.'The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.' - Aristole


Ancient Greek Theater masks. The Ancient Greek term for a mask is "prosopon" (lit., "face") and was a significant element in the worship of Dionysus at Athens


Ancient Greek Patterns and Designs | Set of geometric greek borders, isolate design elements. Full scalable ...


Lapis lazuli bust of Zeus Sarapis, modelled in the round, with a socket in the top of his head for the insertion of a kalathos. Culture/period: Roman, Circa 300 AD. Technique: hand-modelled, Height: 13.1 centimetres