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DIY sundial for when we are teaching Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians created sundials to tell time. Place a pencil upright in a ball of clay. Have a student go out every hour to place a stone where the end of the pencil is. Stones can be numbered to show what the hour is. At the end of the day look at the sundial your class has created.

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Salt Dough Egyptian Cartouche

I have a 6-year-old daughter and we’re trekking on through our first year schooling at home. I chose to use Story of the World for the basis of our history lessons, and I’m super stoked to be doing little Egyptian crafts with her. We made a few paper cartouches as we practiced some of the …

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H is for Honey Dates, Gustatio, and Bread! An Ancient Roman Feast for Kids

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The Nile Delta....Nile River using blue tarp in my classroom. Added facts along the river, city names, and bulletin board cutouts.

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