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The stones of Puma Punku shouldn even exist. They are so precisely cut that even a razor blade cant fit through their interlocking joints, a technology that didnt exist until centuries later. The Inca believed this ancient temple had been built by the gods who created the world.


A map of Englands Ley Lines and a key of sacred sites that they pass through


Crossmeming: The Most Interesting Man in the Universe

from The Sun

Could these creepy coins prove that aliens lived among the ancient Egyptians?

This ancient coin seems to show the head and shoulders of an alien being


Sculpture of Nefertiti without her Headpiece or Wigs. Her elongated Skull is identical to the Peruvian Skulls, and other ancient Skulls that appear all over the World. [aliens or the tradition of head-binding?!!]

Awiens ancient aliens meme Georgio tsukalous

Die Reptos in ihren Flugscheiben (Archonten) machen sich den Menschen zum Sklaven. Was hat sich seit dem geändert?


A very large formation of circles and arcs flowing from a bisected triangle with a shaft and circles leading from it. An addition of varying sized rectangles and circles connected by shafts thereby more than doubling the original size. A further addition of as yet undesciphered hieroglyphics bringing the total length of the formation to approx: 1000 feet in length.


Above: No records exist of any contact between these civilizations. How, then, can we explain parallels like pyramid construction, corbel arches, and mummification????