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qoтd: ғιve ѕaυce ιѕ an oвѕeѕѕιon rιgнт now ѕo ιғ yoυ нad тo cнooѕe one вoy wнo woυld ιт вe? aoтd: ι'м нoneѕтly aт тнe poιnт wнere ι'м ғangιrlιng aт anyone wнo popѕ on мy daѕн... ι ĸnow ι wenт oғғ тнe deep end... вυт ι нave вeen ѕнιpped wιтн aѕнтon вy ғrιendѕ oғ мιne ѕo aѕнтon ι gυeѕѕ... ❓ ιғ yoυ нad тo cнooѕe one вoy wнo woυld ιт вe? ❓

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How.. If what we had was real, how could he be fine. How could he have already moved on when im broken :(

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5 seconds of summer, my new fav band (Amnesia) cause I'm not find at all I remember the day you told me you were leaving I remember the makeup running down your face and the dreams we left behind we didn't need them

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Amnesia // 5SOS

And forget about the stupid little things, like the way it felt to fall asleep next to u, and the memories that I can't escape.

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Hey everyone :) I'm almost to 1K followers!! I would really appreciate it if you could help me reach 1K by tonight! Thanks xx

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HOW COME IVE NEVER SEEN THIS AHHHHH>>>first of all Luke looks so adorable when he winks and second Calum probably thinks it's a doughnut

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