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Amish rules (or so a previous Pinner said). They are also Methodist rules attributed to John Wesley. I wonder if there is a connection/ overlap?

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Day 62: Females with Asperger’s Syndrome (Non-Official) Checklist

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Skillet Toad in the Hole Recipe: Bubble and Squeak is traditionally a left over dish, I like to do mine a little differently and blast it all in a cast iron skillet and rock it with an egg or two.

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Amish Home Remedies

I realize this doesn't have to do with the article, but don't amish people have a rule not to be photographed??

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Haptic Lab Creates Quilted Maps To Turn Wayfinding Physical

Tactile Maps by Emily Fischer who researches digital information such as open source mapping to find a density of data that conforms to "Amish rules of quilting". Each resultant quilt is a tactile map.

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"I'm not embarrassed to introduce my girlfriend to my family, I'm embarrassed to introduce my family to my girlfriend"

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