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Full Name: One Priceless Dollar. Call Name: Dollar. Breed: American Quarter Horse Gender: Stallion. Height: 17.7. Age: 5.


Gunsmokes Violet Blue....... I love this color and this gorgeous horse !!!! Absolutely gorgeous........ though I'd like to see more weight on her? (him)....... I so miss having horses................


American Quarter Horse… Has the apple fallen far from the tree..? Photo by Shining C. Grulla Horses…


American Quarter Horse The adaptability of the quarter horse breed has allowed it to be used in other occupations such as trail riding and for use by many urban mounted police units. Their even temperament makes them a great animal for new riders learning about horses and their breeding ability has made several stud farm owners both famous and wealthy. It is by far the most popular breed and currently boasts a population of about 3.2 million. The quarter horse breeds usually shown in…

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