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An apex predator of the Great Green Sea, the Frontier Lion is known even in the distant lands of the Imperium. Said to stand taller than even the lions native to the center or the legends of the lost lands, these beasts are feared by all travelers seeking a trip to the Great Green.


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in memory of Cecil and all the animals without names who are victims of human ego, ignorance and greed #vegan


Adorable Lucky the Black Bear. North American Bear Center...He picked a pretty sunflower!!!


American multi-millionairess and expatriate Alice de Janzé turned Paris’s elite on its head when she left her aristocratic French husband for her English lover, Raymund de Trafford. Paul Spicer, whose mother was a dear friend of Alice’s, used personal letters and his own research to piece together Alice’s life from her beginnings in Chicago to New York to Paris to Kenya’s Happy Valley for his forthcoming book, The Temptress, excerpted here. (Pinned from Vanity Fair, excerpt on their site)


The Beauty of Wildlife ... beautiful-wildlife: Little Cub by Daniel Parent American Black Bear Cub


North American Cougar (A.K.A. Mountain lion, Puma)…….LOOK AT THE HUGH PAWS…..ONE SLAP FROM ONE OF THESE WOULD SEND A PERSON FLYING………ccp


10 Big Cats That Have Gone Extinct in Modern Times

The now extinct 'American Lion' was a giant predator roaming North and South America as recently as 11,000 years ago. It is thought to have been about twenty-five percent larger than the modern African lion. "American lions likely preyed on deer, North American horses (now extinct), North American camels, North American tapirs, American bison, mammoths, and other large, herbivorous animals."