American Kestrel or Sparrow Hawk ~ A small falcon, and the only Kestrel found in the Americas. ~ Miks' Pics "Fowl Feathered Friends V" board @

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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Colorful Birds In The World American Kestrel – Top 10 Marvels

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A kestrel can and does hover in the dead calm of summer days, when there is not the faintest breath of wind. He will, and does, hover in the still, soft atmosphere of early autumn, when the gossamer falls in showers, coming straight down as if it were raining silk. Richard Jefferies Read more at:

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American Kestrel or Sparrow hawk (Falco sparverius). Asmall falcon of the Americas. photo: Jim Frazee.

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American Kestrel: I've had a pair of them in my backyard all summer, fascinating to watch them hunt from a dead tree branch!

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American Kestrel | Tennessee Watchable Wildlife | American Kestrel

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Kestrel 19.1.14 outside School Cottage on the electric pylon while walking with Andrew and Merlin

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American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) male Saw one of these in our yard this week. Amazingly beautiful falcon!

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