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American Girl retiring Molly McIntire after 27 years. I picked her because she looked the most like me.

American Girl Molly - Christmas


UK and US crochet conversion chart (Simply Crochet Magazine)

UK and US crochet conversion chart


American Girl Dolls from earliest years. Production began 1986. The three original dolls were Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly. These three had white bodies. Felicity was in 1991 and the first to have a flesh colored body. Beautiful dolls! The first dolls were made by Goetz in Germany and will have a "Made in West Germany" tag.


Reserved Listing 18" Doll Clothes 1940s Christmas Party Dress Fits American Girl Molly, Emily, Kit, Ruthie

Reserved Listing 18 Doll Clothes 1940s Christmas by Designed4Dolls


15 Town and Country Coat Sets pattern by Jacqueline Gibb

Ravelry: AMERICAN GIRL DOLL TOWN AND COUNTRY COAT SET pattern by Jacqueline Gibb


How Much Is An Original American Girl Doll Worth?

American Girl is shelving historical dolls in favor of modern updates. Can I just say how disappointed I am? Mattel basically destroyed the entire purpose of The Pleasant Company.

several free american girl doll clothes patterns to download in .pdf format!


Great tutorial on repairing your 18-inch doll's leg. Love it.


American Girl Doll Sleeping Bag DIY

American Girl Doll Sleeping Bag DIY - Make Life Lovely