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American French Manicure

This is what an American Manicure should look like, but why do they always insist on painting the pink polish over the subtle white tips. I should take this pic next time I go to the nail salon. Ultra soft American tips.....bee-yew-tee-ful!!!

from Glamour

Quick Question: Would You Ever Get an American Manicure?

American Manicure (softer white) vs French Manicure (traditional white tip). Beautiful mani


Base colour - Romantique As opposed to the pinkier Beau, Romantique has a more natural coloured finish although some find it a little chalky. I like it for the very natural finish but if clients want something more prominent, I would choose Beau or, Romantique combined with Beau - see the pin on this board to see what this looks like.


Toe Nail Designs

Perfect French pedicure: Isn't it time you treated yourself to a spa visit that leaves you with immaculate toenails? This foot model has perfectly manicured toenails for a very healthy clean look. Her cuticles were professionally removed and beautifully rounded. Her toenails were painted with a soft light pink polish and modestly decorated with thin pretty white tips.

American manicure~ I like this so much better than the French manicure because with the American manicure the base color is more pink than nude


cant believe im pinning this! but i think they are back in style. Classic French Manicure ♥