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AMERICAN DAD Season 8 (ep 9 : The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari) ~ Free TV Streaming Episodes Online

This show was huge and I'd love to re-watch it because I remember it as being a really good cop show. And it reminds me of my Dad because he used to do Telly Savalas impressions a lot.


Another Unexpected Literary Reference spotting, this one from Season 9, Episode 4 (“Stan Time”) of the amazing series American Dad. the screenshots below don’t translate the humor very well, so if you can find a full version of the episode online. Basically, Stan has been trying to read The Hunt for Red October for years, but is never able to get past the first paragraph. In this sequence, he still doesn’t make it.

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23 TV Moments That Are Older Than The Class Of 2019

Men- Lead household, care about money, being reckless, drinking, and women, spend free time doing illegal things behind wives back ( basically supports negative stereotypes of men) Women- if they are not ugly they are dumb, hyper sexualized, do all the nurturing and cleaning.