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American Ailines

ephemera - American Airlines sticker ca. 1936


Los jugadores de La Roja en el American Ailines Arena presenciando el Miami-S.Antonio en 2013 #seleccionespanola #LaRoja #diariodelaroja

American Ailines BAC-111. Gemini Jets


American Airlines Boeing 720-023, circa 1961. Originally delivered to American with Pratt & Whitney JT3C Turbojet engines, this and nine others were eventually converted to a 720-023B with the fitting of JT3D Turbofans. JT3D engines had lower fuel consumption and higher thrust than the JT3C. (Image: Boeing / American Airlines)


AA Class of 1953. Very cool picture! This photo was taken from: American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess

from Yahoo Finance Canada

Airline uniforms down the ages

1947 American Airlines


Frank Sinatra ad for American Airlines