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Liquid Amber tree - one of the few trees that give great Autumn colour, plant with north american red oak

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Tree necklace in bog oak and amber by Geoff King

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Windows On The Past: 7 Amazing Creatures Preserved In Amber

Dominican Republic amber from the La Toca area that actually contain a lizard. Lizard (unidentified) that may be an Anole or Gecko, along with a larvae, a piece of a leaf and many other insects embedded in it.

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Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' (Japanese Maple) - One of the best Japanese maples for autumn colour, Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' is an elegant plant with leaves which turn glorious shades of bright scarlet in the autumn. The leaves are dark green from spring to early autumn. A superb large garden shrub or small tree for leaf colour in October.

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This will make a great keepsake to display every Christmas season! @Amber Gonzalez I though of you when I saw this!

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Gustav Klimt-How have I not known of this piece!?!?! Aspens, it looks like? I'm in love with Klimt all over again.

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Art. A symbol of life. All you need is your imagination.

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Amber Tree Lights | 4.25 Diameter x 8.5 h inches. Hand-blown crystal pendant with silver banding | lighting . Beleuchtung . luminaires | Design: Alison Berger | Plug |

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Liquidambar styraciflua. More info here:

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Liquid Amber autumn

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