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Facts About the Human Body Infographic

Awesome tidbits I'll be using as ice breakers someday (or just to impress people with my knowledge base!)

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Sharks never get sick, they are immune to all known diseases. I will not get sick, water polo is to important!

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repmet: “ did-you-kno: “ Here’s how: Source ” I’m working from home today and it’s been super quiet so I did this and it is just as cool as it looks. ”

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50 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind #Infographic #Animals #Facts

50 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind #Infographic

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Mars: Quick Facts tall infographic #mars #space #facts

INFOGRAPHIC: Mars' size, seasons, structure and more

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Collection of Space Facts -( I hope they teach this amazing stuff in schools now; I never learned anything like this when I was in school)

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