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I love this song and Elvis does it beautifully. This is how handsome he was when my mom met him in 1962 when he was filming "Wild in the country" in the Napa Valley in Napa, CA. She was in line with a friend and literally thousands of other girls.


First film studied. Feel rather sad I can't remember essays written and discussions about all this. Rear Window by Adam Simpson


I'm not religious at all (like legit, I'm atheist) but I truly believe that this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I could sing it over and over again. (This was written by a previous poster, my prayer is that they will KNOW the amazing grace!!)olj

Don't say that! I'm not going anywhere. Just because I don't sit with you one time doesn't mean I'm leaving. I'm staying as long as you need me. Which probably won't be very long