This is an Amazing Math Card Trick. We still don’t understand why it works. You’ll blow people away with it if you follow the directions.

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Cool card trick revealed. This card counting trick will always work and it will amaze your best friends. Easy simple amazing Card Tricks Revealed at The Card Trick Teacher

Two Amazing Card Tricks by Pit Hartling and Vanishing, Inc. video DOWNLOAD

When you get a business card, what do you do with it? I appreciate a well-designed business card and know how much thought, time and money small businesses put into them so I would feel guilty if I just tossed them out. I actually have a reall...

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Ridley's Magic - 5 Tricks Magic Set by Wild and wolf. Save 13 Off!. $12.99. 5 Magic Tricks Retro Set. Includes 5 amazing magic tricks that kids and grown ups alike will love to play. Included in this set is: Thumb Tip Trick Secret Taper Cards Magic Rope Trio Miracle Dice Multiplying Balls Part of the Ridley’s House of Novelties range. A collection of great gifts for kids and grown ups with wonderful retro packaging. Classic novelties, games, jokes, tricks and magic.

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