Islam is a religion of brotherhood it doesn't care if any one is dark or fair we all our. Brother and sister.

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previous pinner said~"Ricky Gervais hits the nail on the head yet again.Yeah,which of the 2870 gods is it that you worship?Ohhh, so you only believe in one more god than Atheists do!!!!! hahaha"

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"If you consider a woman less pure after you've touched her, maybe you should take a look at your hands."

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Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and slaughters a visible Nature...without realizing that this Nature he slaughters is this invisible God he worships. - Hubert Reeves

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I chose this post because it represents what we learned in the class about others not being able to see outside of their own religion. People who are so deep into their religion cannot understand other views and eventually begin to judge when they find out others beliefs.

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